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At each of the Group's branches you can find a wide range of electrical cables. All the branches are equipped with machines for cutting cables, enabling to provide the customer with fast service and the option of receiving any required cable length, either winded or coiled around a wooden drum, with utmost precision and speed.


  • Regular and shielded command cables (PVC)
  • Neoprene cables (HO7NR-F) resistant to moderate mechanical load
  • Polyurethane cables (PU)
  • Fireproof cables (NHXH FE180 E30)
  • Construction cables (XLPE/N2XY)
  • Construction cables (HO7V-U)
  • Pendal cables (HO5VV-F)
  • Exposed copper
  • Flexible copper wires
  • Data communications cables
  • TV cables
  • Amplifier cables