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Domestic Plugs & Sockets

We market a selection of decorative series of sockets and switches for 55 mm boxes and for rectangular (Italian) boxes. Among others, the series include a variety of smart devices for use in offices, industrial buildings and residential homes. We offer a wide range of frames in various colors and designs. The combination of frames and devices enables meeting customer's needs, to his full satisfaction. Thanks to the modularity of the products, the wide range of assembly and installation options also maximizes our ability to meet the customer's needs.


  • Switches and sockets for 55 mm boxes
  • Switches and sockets for rectangular boxes
  • Sets of devices
  • Water protected switches and sockets
  • Plaster-mounted switches and sockets



  • Weisbord - Elegant, Exclusive, Focus and Perfect
  • Dig - Modulex, Modulight
  • Electro Netech - Beauty, Royal
  • Romulux - LUX-B, LUX-D
  • Nisco - Sapphire and Diamond
  • Gewiss - ECO 60, Playbus and System
  • BTicino - Luna, Light and Living