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Light Bulbs

Yashir supplies products from the world's leading light bulb manufacturers. The wide range includes bulbs for indoor and outdoor lighting.

At each branch you will be able to find bulbs of every type and color, wattage and voltage.

Incandescent Bulbs

Incandescent bulbs are the world's most common artificial light source. Incandescent bulbs operate according to the heated filament principle.


Halogen Bulbs

The halogen bulb is an improved version of the incandescent bulb. The glass bubble is made of quartz glass, which does not blacken on the inside. It represents an improvement over the incandescent bulb in terms of electrical efficiency. Halogen bulbs give an intense focused UV protected light.


Fluorescent Bulbs

This bulb requires auxiliary devices in order to operate, such as a starter and choke connected serially for regulating the current to the bulb. There are compact fluorescent bulbs that are similar in size (and some in their external appearance as well) to incandescent bulbs. The use of such bulbs is growing, due to their low power and fast operation. They turn on quickly thanks to the use of modern electronic starter technology. The utilization of these bulbs is even better than that of an ordinary fluorescent bulb. Fluorescent bulbs constitute approximately 70% of all the artificial lighting in the whole world.


PL Bulbs:

  • 2 pin PL bulbs
  • 4 pin PL bulbs, suitable for use with an electronic choke, emergency unit, photoelectric cell and the possibility of dimming.


Discharge bulbs:

  • Mercury bulbs
  • Pear-shaped HPS bulbs
  • Super HPS bulbs
  • Tubular HPS bulbs
  • HPS bulbs with an internal igniter
  • Metal halide bulbs for outdoor lighting
  • Pear-shaped (double-ended) metal halide bulbs - E27
  • Metal halide bulbs
  • Colored tubular metal halide bulbs
  • Double-ended metal halide bulbs for stadiums
  • Autoregulator metal halide bulbs
  • Metal halide bulbs for indoor lighting
  • Compact metal halide bulbs - quartz
  • Compact metal halide bulbs - G12
  • HPS (high pressure sodium) bulbs. HPS bulbs are characterized by extremely high intensity light and a long lifetime. Due to their yellow hue they are generally used for illumination at parks, open-air markets, highways and streets.


Compact metal halide bulbs are economical and provide high quality and decorative lighting With high intensity light and high light efficiency, a particularly long lifetime (up to 15,000 hours) and a UV radiation filter, they are not dangerous to use and do not fade items such as clothing and pictures.