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Lighting Fixtures

We offer our customers an extensive variety to choose from and a winning blend of locally manufactured lighting fixtures for illuminating buildings and state-of-the-art lighting systems for professional use. The wide variety enables our Company to bid and compete in any project and to meet any demand for lighting fixtures.


The leading lighting fixtures:


  • Several models of water protected lighting fixtures for indoor/outdoor installation
  • Fluorescent lighting fixtures for office illumination (parabolic lighting fixtures)
  • Lighting fixtures for highways illumination
  • Decorative lighting fixtures for streets and parks illumination
  • Recessed lighting fixtures for PL and Decroica bulbs
  • Decorative lighting fixtures
  • Spotlights for outdoor installation
  • Recessed lighting for installation on walls and floors
  • Emergency and guidance lighting fixtures
  • Garden illumination
  • Explosion-proof lighting fixtures
  • Lighting fixtures for illumination of industrial halls and stadiums - for high and low installation